Shanghai Librarians Network Charter

Charter for SLN

1. Name
Shanghai Librarians Network (SLN)

2. Mission Statement
The mission of the association is to function as a networking association providing professional support and a sharing of local knowledge and resources.

3. The Aims of the Network
  • provide a supportive network for people working in school libraries in international organizations
  • promote an awareness and enjoyment of literature and the development of information literacy
    provide professional development for our members
  • raise the profile of school libraries
  • raise awareness of librarians and teacher librarians (awareness of what?)

4. Structure of the Association

4.1 Membership

Membership is free and is comprised of voting members and non-voting members. In either case membership is open to librarians and staff at international organizations in Shanghai and the surrounding area. This includes but is not limited to librarians, teacher librarians, library technicians and assistants.

Voting membership is open to those currently employed in Shanghai and the surrounding area employed in a library

Non-voting membership is for those outside of Shanghai with an associated interest in Shanghai libraries . These members are welcome to attend and be involved in association meetings when they are in the area and participate in the Yahoo and Google+ groups . Membership on the Yahoo and Google+ groups will be periodically updated via group message posts and responses.

Voting members have full voting rights and are eligible to hold leadership positions in the association.
Non-voting members may not vote on motions or in leadership polls and may not hold leadership positions.

SLN meetings are open to visitors, including vendors, with prior approval from the coordinators who will, from time to time, gauge the interest of the group.

The network association has two online groups of which all members are encouraged to join. The role of the Yahoo group listerv is to facilitate communication between members for the sharing of ideas and resources. All personal information remains within the list which should be updated as necessary. The purpose of the Google+ group is to facilitate discussions...(the purposes of both groups need to be defined)

4.2 Charter

The SLN Charter may only be modified by a passing vote of ten or more members, either in person or via the Yahoo group.

4.3. Selection of Leadership

1. Nominations for leadership positions will be called two weeks before the May SLN meeting.
2. Voting is conducted via an anonymous poll on the Yahoo group listerv with a deadline of one week before the May SLN meeting.
3. The new coordinators will be announced at the May SLN meeting and will take up the position from September with a
June to September handover.
4. The system will be reviewed every 12 months.

4.4. Leadership Roles

Can we have a different title than "Coordinator"? Perhaps... coach?

SLN elects two coordinators, each of whom serves a two-year term. One coordinator will be elected each year to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and responsibilities. Coordinators may only stand for this position for two concurrent years unless formally agreed by a quorum that they be reinstated.

If either coordinator needs to resign their post mid term, the following arrangements will apply:
If there are less than three months until the May meeting , the remaining coordinator will take over the position. If there are more than three months until the May meeting , there will be a call for volunteers and a vote taken to replace the coordinator.

Coordinators' responsibilities:

1. Coordinate SLN meetings, including
  • Coordinating meeting schedules and venues
  • Liaising with the SLN meeting hosts to prioritize agenda items according to the needs and interests of the group.
  • Designating a member to take minutes.
  • Inviting speakers and thank them for coming, in writing.
  • Ensuring meetings start and finish on time.
  • Chairing meetings.

Note: If neither coordinator can attend meetings, another member may be delegated to do so.
2. Follow up matters arising from meetings.
3. Implement proposals for changes and collate a report on the results.
4. Chair working committees where necessary.
5. Delegate jobs and follow up.
6. Write and sign letters documents on behalf of the group.
7. Liaise with community groups and other professional organizations i

Technology Coordinator
SLN elects one Technology Coordinator who serves a one-year term. The Technology Coordinator may only stand for this position for one year unless formally agreed by a quorum that they be reinstated.

Technology Coordinators' responsibilities:

1. Keep electronic records up to date e.g. maintain a current membership list and meeting agendas.

2. Organize electronic files.
3. Upload minutes of each meeting to the files section of the listerv.
4. Liaise with professional development coordinator to support PD opportunities through appropriate technology.

Professional Development Coordinator
SLN elects one Professional Development Coordinator who serves a one-year term. The Professional Development Coordinator may only stand for this position for one year unless formally agreed by a quorum that they be reinstated.

1. Spearhead small- and large-scale professional development opportunities for the network
2. Organize committees to assist in delivering professional development

5. Meetings

1. Meetings are held monthly or quarterly, as deemed appropriate by coordinators.
2. Meetings are held in libraries whenever possible.
3. Venues within Shanghai alternate between Puxi and Pudong when possible.
4. Meetings begin at 4:00 and end as close to 6:00 as possible.

5.1 Minutes
1. Formal minutes are required which will include:
  • the host school and its location
  • the name of the person taking the minutes
  • the date and time meeting opened
  • who was present and apologies submitted prior to the meeting
  • adoption of previous meeting’s minutes
  • matters arising from the minutes
  • agenda items
  • closing time
  • date and location of next meeting
2. Minutes formatted
on the SLN ALESS template.
3. Minutes should be sent to the technology coordinator by the minute taker within ten days of the
4. Minutes to be uploaded to the listserv files by listserv moderator/s.
5. The minutes are confidential - they cannot be passed on to third parties without the consensus of
the whole group.

5.2.Host's responsiblities
  1. Provide clear directions as to the location of the meeting.
  2. Be firm on meeting times.
  3. Provide refreshments.
  4. Coordinate an after-meeting dinner location when appropriate.

6. Members’ Responsibilities
  1. RSVP to the host school before the meeting date whenever possible.
  2. Promote SLN to others within the local and international library communities
  3. Inform coordinators know when leaving the network
  4. When appropriate, inform line manager / principal of SLN events and
emphasize the importance of their being able to attend.