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Session 1

IB Research Skills - Marion van Engelen

Librarian Crash Course - Fiona Collins

Digital Storytelling - Barbara Boyer

Research that works! - Karen Lee Gockley

Session 2

CIS Accreditation - Marion van Engelen -- The complete guide to a whole school accreditation.
-- A concise explanation of the whole school process.
-- Standards and indicators for Section F-Resources, standards 7 and 8 (Libraries)
Cataloguing where to begin?
Main presentation - Fiona Collins

Dewey Decimal Classfication - Siau Ting Tai

Bilingual Cataloging - Karine Lespinasse Sabourault

How do we sell our books when students are on the computer? - Barbara Boyer

Catch the Wave: Ideas for getting students and parents on board with innovative Library Programs! - Rosemary Kinyanjui

Session 3

Books Illustrating Perspective or Different Points of view - Kate Shpeherd

Readers are not only numbers - Marion Pan & Camille Chen

JING-a-Ling in the Library - Kate Benson

Creating Library Promotional materials - Beatrice Wu & Doreen Chen

Session 4

Library Pages - student helpers in the Library - Ruby Xu

Role of the Teacher-Librarian in Inquiry - Eileen Hurley

IMovie Workshop - Tim Boyer with the help of Tech Experts (Hannah Boyer, Babette Weatherall)